At Blackpool Gateway Academy, we view reading as a superpower that can open the door to adventure, knowledge, escapism and to a place to connect to characters and stories…

In addition to reading throughout the school day, the value of reading at home is widely encouraged and noted as a key building block in building pupils’ vocabulary, enjoyment in reading and future prospects.

Reading at home can take shape in a variety of ways:

  • Bedtime stories

  • Audiobooks

  • Turning on the subtitles

  • ePlatform

  • Bug Club

  • Going to the local library - Palatine and Revoe

And so on…


Pupils will also bring reading books home weekly for them to read and return. Pupils will bring two books home - one that is chosen from the reading scheme to help them developmentally with reading and one they have chosen to read for pleasure. Books will come home on a Monday with a reading record and need to return to school on a Friday.

Look out for our signs to help you remember:


As reading is valued greatly and cannot be understated, we are also running reward incentives so please support us and children by continuing to put reading entries in reading records for all forms of home reading. 



Read pages 2-8 in ‘Harry Potter’

Read his assigned book on Bug Club.

Read with good expression and we discussed the story so far.


Have a nosey at the reading reward poster HERE.